10 August 2018

Romantic August on Lake Como

An Italian love affair…

Lake Como deserves its reputation of a truly glamorous and exclusive destination but during the past years we have seen a raft of brand new openings that gave new life, new opportunities and some fresh “air” transforming a transit hub into the lake’s new place to be seen. &...

01 August 2018

Getting to know Elnava De Rosa

The sweetest pastry chef of Lake Como

We had the pleasure of having a face to face conversation with our talented Pastry-Chef, Elnava De Rosa who gave us her view of a "sweet" World and how she conceives and creates desserts and petit fours. Her pastry art accompanies the work of Chef Mandozzi and Elnava's...

23 July 2018

Getting to know Chef Mandozzi

His culinary art on lake Como

When Massimiliano Mandozzi was a child on Sunday, at home  he used to play with fresh pasta while admiring aunt Alba preparing home-made tagliatelle and his mum was putting together the famous “pizzaiola".   Seduced by the culinary skills of his ladies, h...

16 July 2018

Happening at CastaDiva!

A vibrant July on Lake Como

The summer season is an uninterrupted parade of fun and grandiose moments. Things take on a different pace as the days lengthen, a lush canopy of trees comes into full leaf, and outdoor-lovers happily spend even more time outside. This moment of the year is simply vibrant and enriched with food ...

04 July 2018

A foodie break on Lake Como

Your extraordinary journey through local traditions and flavors.

Italy is well known for his beauty, history, art, culture, fashion and finally for his food. Our beautiful Country offers a broad spectrum of gastronomic experiences from North to South and every single city and region has a great variety of products, raw material and ingredients. Are y...

30 June 2018

Summer in Italy

The art of taking a break on Lake Como

In modern society of doing, producing and performing, rest has become something optional. And, like all habits, we are strongly dependent to living at accelerated rhythms.   Even during our free time, we are full of commitments: the gym in the midday break, the unmissable happy hour a...