07 October 2015

Orticolario: the beauty of flower power is taking the one giant leap

This year the fair has been massive in terms of internationalization and audience reach

Orticolario is a tradeshow and a sort of tribute dedicated to gardening and charm of flowers, their shapes, scents, colors, in a dramatic scenery offered by the nature and  the complicity of Lake Como. The prestigious location of Villa Erba can offer visitors a spectacular natural backd...

24 September 2015

Autumn, the perfect season to pamper yourself

Season changes are always a good opportunity to take care of yourself, detoxify your body and re-establish the correct balance between your body and mind. Autumn can be ideal to get ready for the cold winter season.

A WORLD OF SPA In many ways, it truly has now become a world of spa. The surge in the number of destination spas, medical retreat spas and residential retreats responds to our growing desire to counteract the changing pace and pressures of our modern world. There are now more places and ways th...

17 September 2015

#MFW: Celebrating the 2015 Milan Fashion Week

From September the 23rd to the 28th the 2015 Milan Fashion Week will take place in Milan allowing fashion designers, brands or "houses" to display their latest collections in runway shows for 2016 Spring/Summer Season.

Fashion week happens twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world: Milan, Paris, New York and London. Fashion weeks are held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers a chance to preview fashion designs for the following season. From January through April...

09 September 2015

Organizing the perfect Event

Organizing an event can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task. And without organisation, thinking and planning ahead, it can be. A successful event can instead give a magic experience to Guests and Delegates.

Events: a marketing budget line that is becoming more and more critical. It is nowadays associated with high costs along with time and labor consuming efforts and investments. Above all, it is a common thinking that the related ROI is mainly visible in the long run and not easy to be measured....

03 September 2015

The Italian Gran Prix – did you know?

The Italian Grand Prix (Gran Premio d'Italia) is one of the longest running events on the Formula One calendar. The Italian Grand Prix was also one of the inaugural Formula One championship races in 1950, and has been held every year since then.

Monza is regarded by many as the personification of Formula One racing. It is a fantastic example of a track that combines speed with skill. It has seen some of the finest races of all time, but also some of the sport's worst accidents. The names of great drivers and the sounds of engines ...

27 August 2015

Experiential tourism and customization: the ultimate luxury trends of 2015 summer

In recent years there has been a rapid shift in habits, tastes and especially in the time and manner tourists enjoy travelling.

JUST TRAVEL The human being from the past it has been moved by the search for security and better opportunities but also by the discovery of new worlds, new frontiers and resources that could meet the shortcomings that their homeland could not offer in the past pattern of holiday had distinctio...