21 October 2016

Chapeau to CastaDiva!

CastaDiva Resort & Spa receives another important recognition for its food offering.

CastaDiva Resort & Spa is approaching the season closing with an incredible enthusiasm.  This has been a tremendous year in terms of results and awards.  On October the 15th in Marbella, CastaDivahas accepted the prestigious "Signum Virtus" during the ceremo...

19 October 2016

CastaDiva Resort & SPA prized with the "SIGNUM VIRTUS"

CastaDiva Resort & Spa has won the award as "Best Hotel & Resort” in Italy at the 2016 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Awards, in Marbella, where our General Manager, Andrea Luri has accepted this prestigious honor. With this prize, Mr. Luri goes straight to the elite of the most "enlightened" hotel managers.

Blevio  (Lake Como) | 19 October, 2016. CastaDiva Resort & Spa ( is delighted to announce the acceptance of the prestigious "Signum Virtus" during the celebration of the fourth edition of the “Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle Award...

17 October 2016

Another award for CastaDiva Resort & Spa

Seven Star Luxury Award is a prestigious recognition received by CastaDiva Resort & Spa.

CastaDiva Resort & Spa is a Hotel that emanates splendor. Mr. Andrea Luri, the General manager of the opulent Hotel, just received one of the most prestigious award of the Hospitality industry: the 2016 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality & Lifestyle "SIGNUM VIRT...

12 October 2016

Il Volo takes flight on Lake Como

Nick-named "The 3 little tenors", the first Italian artists to directly sign with an American recording label, tell their story in the setting of CastaDiva Resort & Spa.

Il Volo, a trio consisting of singers: the baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto. After 26 years, they took us back to July the 7th, 1990 when "the 3 tenors" held an unforgettable magic concert at the "Baths of Caracalla", the night...

04 October 2016

The Last Gourmet Act on Lake Como

Launching this October, a "can't miss" gourmet showcase in the magic setting of CastaDiva Resort & Spa. A culinary path to enjoy an inimitable voyage through the best Italian flavors and traditions.

CastaDiva Resort & Spa is delighted to announce a series of can’t miss food events on Lake Como to celebrate the best of Italian gastronomy. Food lovers will want to keep their schedules open for the Grand Closing. Bringing the best of Italy’s traditions, CastaDiva Resort ...

28 September 2016

Karen Tran Master Class on Lake Como

The Global wedding designer and producer will host the Floral Experience Master Class at CastaDiva Resort & Spa on Oct. 5-7.

She has designed spectacular events across the globe, working with diverse clients with different needs, cultures and desires. Just the name is iconic : Karen Tran. Known as one of the World's leading wedding designer, Karen has set a high standards and she is definitely considered as...