20 January 2017

Lake Como: the preferred location for film makers

When Hollywood discovered Italy..

Italy is globally famous for its undisputed beauty, history and food and become over the year a very important destination for tourists, celebrities and VIP. Lake Como has been selected not only as the ideal travel destination but also as a perfect set of movie makers. On its enchanted shore...

09 January 2017

Winter Sports: a never ending passion

Traditionally played during winter, these recreational activities are variations of skiing, ice skating and sledding and simply great fun for kids and adults.

Christmas vacations are over and it is now time for the so-called "back to business". Maybe we are tired because we had too much food and we have probably gained weight but if there is a chance for a week end of a full week, this is the perfect time for a winter break on the Mountain...

30 December 2016

2017! Happy New Year from Lake Como!

New Year's Eve Traditions: Cotechino & Lenticchie and much more!

Always thinking about food in Italy! Not really.  Every single country celebrates New Year, and Italy has so many traditions to keep holding which promise to bring wealth. Red Underwear Red passion: both men and women wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring luck in t...

20 December 2016

Italian recipe for Christmas Eve

In Italian, Christmas Eve is "La Vigilia," the eve. Many Italians also refer to it as The Eve of the Seven Fishes. Traditionally the dinner is meatless and fish dishes dominate.

In Italy, Christmas Eve is "La Vigilia," the eve.  Many Italians also refer to it as The Eve of the Seven Fishes.  Traditionally the dinner is meatless and fish dishes dominate. Every region, city, and country town in Italy has ritual foods that are served.  Many peopl...

09 December 2016

2016 Winter Destinations: what’s your next great escape….

Have you already decided where to go for Xmas?

Our beautiful CastaDiva Resort & Spa is closed for Winter but on March the 10th, 2017 will reopen for a new unforgettable Season on Lake Como.What to do in the meantime?  Christmas We love those days of celebration and joy with our beloved ones. Spending great time together is just gre...

28 November 2016

Yes, I do on Lake Como

There are a few unique occasions in our life what we call the "once in a lifetime" moments.... A wedding on Lake Como is one of these!

CastaDiva Resort & Spa is the place that you should consider and select for the enchanting moments that you and your Guests will never forget. You deserve a few key ingredients:  The perfect spot: it is so important to make your big day unforgettable for you and your Guests...