28 September 2016

Karen Tran Master Class on Lake Como

The Global wedding designer and producer will host the Floral Experience Master Class at CastaDiva Resort & Spa on Oct. 5-7.

She has designed spectacular events across the globe, working with diverse clients with different needs and desires. Just the name is iconic : Karen Tran. Known as one of the World's leading wedding designer, Karen has set a high standards and  she is definitely considered as a g...

23 September 2016

Host the Perfect Event on Lake Como

Autumn is the ideal season (particularly October) is the ideal season to organize Corporate Events, Customer Engagement Meetings or Partner roundtables to get your people ready , trained and up-to-date for the final rush and deliver “numbers” in Q4

What does it mean planning and organizing an event? Organizing an event can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task. And without organization and thinking ahead, it can be! However, it is a great marketing tactic to boost and foster relationships with employees, customers (existing and net n...

16 September 2016

The Eyes of the Blossoming Girls by the painter Daniela Porro

CastaDiva Resort & Spa will host the exhibition of a painter endowed with an original touch, who filters her works through lessons learnt from the artists of the past in order to reveal all the beauty, humanity, and strength of today’s women - a beauty that does not simply come from lines and colours, but from their inner being.

Walking among these canvasses depicting young maidens and elegant ladies, our eyes lean on a kaleidoscope of delicate and luminous colours that convey an image reminiscent of the Springtime of Life.  The models have huge - and often light-coloured - eyes, that seem to follow us around while ...

08 September 2016

CastaDiva Resort & Spa nominated for 2016 Seven Star Award

Road to Marbella 2016

CastaDiva Resort & Spa management team is honored to announce the nomination for the 2016 Seven Star Award. The winners will be announce on October the 15th at the International gathering that will take place in Marbella, Spain. Located in Blevio, a lovely village that overlooks ...

30 August 2016

Autumn Escape on Lake Como

A fabulous season to explore the beautiful shores of Lake Como.

Fall is a special time at CastaDiva Resort & Spa. The vibrant colors of the leaves, the beautiful sunsets glistening on Lake Como and the superb views create a serene environment.  It is truly a spectacular time of the year to enjoy warm colors, get pamper in the SPA and taste a ...

24 August 2016

Cooking classes with 2 Michelin star Chef Esposito

We are getting ready for the Gastronomic Dinners and the Cooking Classes that this fall will be led by the multi-awarded Chef Gennaro Esposito exclusively at CastaDiva Resort & Spa. Are you people ready?

CastaDiva Resort & Spa management team is delighted to announce the “can’t miss” Autumn gatherings, with limited dates and availability for a series of Gourmet nights and Cooking classes that will be led by Chef Gennaro Esposito, 2 Michelin star at CastaDiva Resort &...