09 February 2018

Events on lake Como

Happening in 2018: events, fairs, festivals, celebrations and much more

The events calendar for 2018 on Lake Como is rich of gatherings and really inspired to local traditions and heritage: fairs, festivals, celebrations and much more will take place on the enchanted shores of the most romantic lake in Italy.  San Giovanni feast will take place in June a...

31 January 2018

Time is perfect now to plan your next trip

Make sure Lake Como is in your bucket list in 2018.

Wondering where to go this year? Get ready to create your travel wish list and pack your bags!  According to CN Travel, the destinations vary from the evergreens like Japan, Portugal and Mexico to new incredible breakthrough like Nevis, South Korea, Rwanda and Serbia.  &...

22 January 2018

How to open a bottle of wine

Delivering an elegant and sophisticated wine service for guests is crucial to the success of any bar or restaurant.

The first step to enjoying an elegant glass of wine is opening the bottle, and there are almost as any ways to do so as there are types of wine. Whether you have a specialty corkscrew or a simple shoe, wine bottles are easy to open and can be done with just about anything.   ...

25 December 2017

Happy Holiday Season

It is time to share love and joy with your beloved once.

Christmas around the World is simply an amazing discovery of traditions and celebrations. It’s probably the most wonderful time of the year. For a couple of weeks every year the world takes on a magic glow, people seem merrier and even winter somehow feels cosy. Whether you’...

19 December 2017

Travels and winter experiences

Eager travelers are always thinking and planning their next great escape

Some travelers are enchanted by winter's first snowfall, while others are itching to escape the season's cold weather. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Why not make some travel choices and tick a few more boxes off your bucket list. French Polynesia: the idyl...

12 December 2017

SPA & Wellness to warm you up inside-outside

Exclusive environments, concepts and treatments to make you feel brand new.

Pleasurable wellbeing moments are more and more sought by the majority of people. After busy and stressful days a little me time at a nice SPA is an ideal occasion for relaxing and recharging your batteries. Whatever you want from a wellness complex, the perfect Spa experience must exceed...