27 August 2015

Experiential tourism and customization: the ultimate luxury trends of 2015 summer

In recent years there has been a rapid shift in habits, tastes and especially in the time and manner tourists enjoy travelling.


The human being from the past it has been moved by the search for security and better opportunities but also by the discovery of new worlds, new frontiers and resources that could meet the shortcomings that their homeland could no...
21 August 2015

Hi-tech trends & breakthrough gadgets for 2015 Summer

Being up to date with the latest technology trends is crucial to survive and understand and possibly purchase the best in class products. Holidays are the ideal moment to bring with you the latest digital camera, a cool gadget or buy an eBook to relax under the sun

Gadgets and latest cutting-edge technologies are becoming a part of our everyday life and like the mobile phone (one of the first gadgets) we are starting to be addicted, depending on them for our daily actions. As technology advances, so do these gadgets that we are fond of and we are amazed ...

05 August 2015

3 Reasons to spend a memorable August on Lake Como

A fantastic vacation at CastaDiva Resort & Spa will allow you to enjoy pleasant and cheerful moments. A few tips on how to take the most out of your break here!

Sun & Sport  If you are a suntan addicted and would like to flaunt a perfect tan, we suggest you to spend your days at the poolside.  Here at CastaDiva you’ll admire our outdoor floating pool with a dedicated Jacuzzi area, as well as a sundeck and bar for drinks and sna...

24 July 2015

Golf on Lake Como

Stunning nearby clubs to keep the most demanding golfing enthusiasts happy

An elite sport that is practiced often in the midst of beautiful scenery often, in a continuous challenge with yourself. In one word: Golf. In fact, we can state that the beauty of golf is definitely the contact with nature: one should not underestimate the influence it has on humans and ...

08 July 2015

Cooking Classes : let’s get started from the scratch – good ingredients, a bit of creativity and a lot of passion

CastaDiva Resort & Spa with its charming atmosphere and the picturesque scenery of Lake Como, is the setting of the ultimate and unforgettable culinary experience

While cooking at CastaDiva Resort & Spa under the guide of our Executive Chef, Alessio Mecozzi, you will be given the unique opportunity to enjoy the taste of true Italian dishes made according to traditional recipes while you are immersed in the learning process of meal preparation. ...

01 July 2015

Private Villas on Lake Como: the ultimate luxury retreat by #CastaDiva

A unique concept proposed by CastaDiva Resort & Spa...all to be discovered.

Whether your idea of a holiday here is strolling through Florence with a gelato in hand, maxing out your credit card in the boutiques of Milano or lazing along the magic shores of Lake Como, Italy has it all. The food, the wine, the ruins, the fashion industry, the beaches, the mountains, the ...